Alabama Assistant Football Coach Josh Chapman Arrested For Allegedly Driving While Intoxicated

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Alabama football coach Josh Chapman was arrested Saturday morning in Tuscaloosa.

According to AL.com, Chapman was taken into custody after allegedly driving under the influence. It’s his second arrest on DUI charges in the past two and a half years. (RELATED: July Is The Final Month Of 2019 Without College Football)

He currently serves as an assistant strength and conditioning coach on Nick Saban’s staff.


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I know I hate on Alabama a lot, but I’m not kidding one bit when I say Chapman is a grade-A idiot if he’s guilty of multiple DUIs. Obviously, he’s innocent until proven guilty, but this is a bad look for Alabama’s team.

Getting on the staff of the Crimson Tide is a job most people would kill for. Apparently, Chapman doesn’t realize the opportunity he’s been blessed with because he’s doing everything possible to piss it away.

One arrest can be chalked up to a mistake. Two arrests, and you’re going to start getting some questions that you’re not going to want to answer.

Nick Saban didn’t turn Alabama into a powerhouse by having unnecessary distractions. He did it by focusing on football and pretty much nothing else.

I’m not sure the six-time national championship winning coach is going to have a lot of tolerance for off-the-field mistakes by coaches.

He’s not exactly known for remaining calm.

Hopefully, Chapman gets his situation figured out sooner than later, or he might end up having to look for a new job.