Gordon Ramsay Teaches Lil Nas X How To Make A Panini In Hilarious Video

(Youtube Screenshot Gordon Ramsay https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WEWdeL67Tmo)

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Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay and Lil Nas X are becoming closer friends.

Ramsay, 52, shared a video featuring Lil Nas X where he taught the “Old Town Road” singer how to make a panini, according to a report published Monday by Entertainment Tonight.

“Now, we’ve got somebody very, very important in tonight who wants to see a very special panini. So I’m going to put something together for him,” Ramsay started the video. (RELATED: Lil Nas X Opens Up About His Sexuality On World Pride Day)

Lil Nas X and the celebrity chef created the dish at Ramsay’s London restaurant Lucky Cat. The meet-up came after a Twitter exchange between the two. On July 1, the rapper tweeted to Ramsay that he wanted to learn to make a panini in honor of his new single.

Besides Lil Nas X’s surprise visit at an elementary school, this is the next greatest video on the internet. Who knew this video was something we desperately needed as a society. In the video, Ramsay taught Nas how to make a great looking Asian-themed panini, which I have never had before. I might have to look into the recipe for this one.

Ramsay was right, this duo is something I never thought I’d see.