‘The Real College Scandal’ — Tucker Exposes The ‘Quid Pro Quo’ Between Ivy League Schools And Prominent Democrats

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Tucker Carlson described the fact that politicians — particularly Democrats — manage to get their children into elite Ivy League schools at an astonishingly disproportionate rate compared to the general public as “the real college scandal.”

The Fox News host included several examples during a segment on Monday night’s edition of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” including the Cuomo, Gore, Clinton, and Obama families, and juxtaposed the legality of that with Hollywood figures and others currently in legal trouble for trying to bribe their kids’ way into some of the same schools.


Carlson began the segment by focusing on CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, who went to Yale despite the fact that “there are nights when Cuomo emits entire paragraphs that mean nothing at all.”

“Is Chris Cuomo a secret genius?” Carlson asked rhetorically. “Does he have some amazing talent that’s invisible on television? Maybe he speaks flawless Urdu? Or has a deep grounding in particle physics? Perhaps he can calculate pi to the final digit? Actually, no. Chris Cuomo can’t do any of that.”

Carlson contended that Cuomo’s only qualification was having a father who was the governor of New York.

“If you want to get into a top American college, it’s best to have a parent who’s a well-known Democratic politician. That’s the most effective credential of all,” Carlson said.

The Fox News host detailed several other examples, including New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s son, who got into Yale along with the children of Sens. Michael Bennett, Amy Klobuchar and Sheldon Whitehouse, children of Sens. Richard Blumenthal, Bob Menendez, and Chuck Schumer, who got into Harvard along with the children of former President Barack Obama and former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer.

“The all-time record, though, must go to former Vice President Al Gore,” said Tucker. “Al Gore sent four. Imagine that: Four kids in a row to Harvard. What are the odds of that occurring in nature? Well statistically, it’s about as likely as being hit by lightning every single day for a year. Yet somehow the Gore family pulled it off. Congratulations, Gore family.”

Then, the Fox News host lit into the fact that Chelsea Clinton went to the ultra-exclusive Stanford University.

“But for pure, 200-proof exclusivity, nothing beats Stanford University outside San Francisco. You could live your entire life in this country and never meet a single person who went to Stanford. It’s that rarified,” Carlson argued. “And yet here’s the amazing part: Hillary Clinton’s daughter breezed right in. How did Chelsea do that? Was it her formidable brainpower? Well, you can check out her twitter feed and judge for yourself.”

Tucker described the obvious yet legal “quid pro quo” schools enjoy, a “form of unregulated lobbying,” versus “a group of socially-anxious soccer moms” who “tried to game college admissions.” (RELATED: These Ivy League Schools Have Spent Tens Of Thousands On Democrats. Guess How Much They Spent On Republicans)

“How does this happen?” he asked. “It happens because our meritocracy is a sham. It’s fake. They tell you that only the most accomplished students get into these schools, but they’re lying. Their friends’ kids get first dibs. Fellow members of their social circle. Kids whose families can help them down the road. The children of sympathetic politicians are an obvious priority for admissions officers. These are the same politicians who funnel billions in tax dollars to colleges and universities every year. So, letting a senator’s kid into Harvard is smart business.”

Carlson accused elite colleges of “cooking the books” by keeping their admissions process a secret, and “rigging American society” in the process by “creating an impenetrable class system.”

“You often hear progressives say they worry about income inequality. They don’t mean it, at all,” Carlson concluded. “How do you know they don’t mean it? Because if the left really cared about the stratification of American society, they’d make college admissions transparent. They’d force Stanford, for example, to open the books and show the rest of us how exactly they’re assembling this year’s freshman class. That’s what they’d do, and yet Democrats in Congress haven’t done this. They seem strangely incurious about how the process works. It’s like they don’t really want to know the details. In fact, they already know precisely how the admissions game works, and they strongly approve. And why wouldn’t they approve? Their kids are befitting from it.”