Did You Know Your Smart Phone Could Overheat At Any Minute? Check Out This New Solution By Ainope

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A lot of kids this days are doing everything possible on their phones from watching youtube to playing video games. While this seems to be the way things go these days, one unforeseen consequence many phone cell manufacturers won’t admit, is that all of the media and games provides an intense stress on the processing power of the phone, and the result? Many smart phones these days will overheat and run the risk of turning off or even worst breaking and possibly catching fire. Even if the overheating on the phone never gets that bad, any time the temperature of your smart phone rises, the battery is being drained faster than normal and before you know it, increased  use of a phone can severely kill the lifespan of a really expensive smart phone in a very short time.

While this issue has been going on for quite a while now, nobody has really considered a solution for this issue; that is until Ainope, a company with experience in manufacturing consumer electronics, has released their first of its kind patented product: The Smart Phone Cooling Pad. Using Semi-Conductor Refrigeration, this cooling pad dissipates the heat generated when using a phone, keeping the temperature low and the phone running smoothly.

(Photo via Ainope)

(Photo via Ainope)

As you can see in the above photo, the Ainope Phone Cooling Pad attaches directly to the back of a phone (adjustable holder to fit the size of any phone), cooling off and fanning the battery of the phone to allow the phone to run multiple apps or games without getting to hot. Since this product is new to the market, I was a bit confused on how it worked myself. The below video makes things a lot clearer:

After reading about this new device on the internet, I wanted to test it for myself. I contacted Ainope and requested a sample and I was not disappointing as it looked exactly as advertised. Below, you can see all of the pieces included out of the box (USB Charger and Cooling Pad), including an extra cooling pad in case you lose or break the one it comes with it.

All in all, this new technology will likely become bigger in the coming months as more Americans start to become aware of the dangers that over-heating your phone can create. If you have children or grandchildren that play on their phones all of the time, or you yourself use a lot of apps at once when using your phone, consider checking out this Ainope Phone Cooling Pad for yourself.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

(Photo via Ainope)

(Photo via Ainope)

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