Floyd Mayweather Jr. Falls After Nasty Crossover In Charity Basketball Game

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Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. received a ton of ridicule over social media Monday after falling from a nasty ankle breaker crossover in a charity basketball game.

The 50-0 boxing star has made himself an insane amount of money punching peoples’ heads in, but we now know he won’t be making any money playing in the NBA. Self-proclaimed professional ball handling trainer “Bone Collector” was the one who made Mayweather dance on the court with a nasty step-back move.

Here is the video:

Twitter pinned the defensive lapse as the first loss of Mayweather’s career, as the crowd erupted seeing his body bounce off the court. (RELATED: Conor McGregor Challenges Floyd Mayweather To Boxing Rematch)

There are few things more disrespectful than getting crossed-up on a basketball court. I can only think of a few things that are a worse feeling than sitting on the floor with your head facing the rafters after a dribble move sends you flying in the opposite direction.

I have felt the pain and agony that Mayweather has felt during my high school career, and it’s not a fun position to be in at all. It seems that Mayweather dusted himself off and was ready to play ball once again – which is all you can really do in that situation.


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The only bright spot here for Mayweather is the fact that it was someone who has some basketball skills. If it was some scrub celebrity then it would be a lot more disrespectful. For example, if it was UFC star Conor McGregor with the crossover, then this story becomes even crazier.

Well, I am sure Mayweather can laugh at all the Twitter haters with all that money he collected from dominating the sport of boxing.

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