A Movie Is Being Made About 2018 Paradise Camp Fire In California

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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A Hollywood movie is being made about the fire that tore through California in 2018.

85 people were killed in 2018 when a wildfire ripped through Paradise, and it was one of the most destructive events in American history. Now the horrific event will be coming to the big screen. (RELATED: Watch ‘Westworld‘ Season 3 Trailer)

The Hollywood Reporter reported the following details on the film late Tuesday afternoon:

It will center on Heather Roebuck, a woman who gave birth via C-section minutes before her hospital became engulfed by flames. Powerless to move her legs due to the operation and separated from her newborn and fiancé, Roebuck embarked on a harrowing journey through the town with the aid of a group of EMTs and other emergency personnel. The group attempted to reunite Roebuck with her family and soon all found themselves fighting for their lives.

Roebuck chronicled the ordeal in a Facebook post that went viral.

You can read the whole viral post from Roebuck below.

I can promise you all this movie will do extremely well. I can’t speak to the box office, but people who see these kinds of movies usually love them.

The last firefighting movie that came out was “Only the Brave.” It was another true story, and it was awesome.

People love disaster movies, they have harrowing stories of human survival and they especially love that kind of stuff when it’s true.

The fire that unleashed carnage on California was unlike anything I ever remember seeing. Now, imagine the flames on a massive screen as the audience gets a firsthand look at the chaos.

It’s going to be absolutely epic. Again, the fact it’s a true story will only further make it go big time.

There’s no release date or many other details known right now, but I’m guessing this movie is going to have some major stars attached to it.

Much like Vinny Chase in “Entourage,” this is the exact kind of film that actors rush towards.

Keep checking back for more details when we have them. It sounds like this one is going to be awesome.