Everything You Need To Keep Yourself Motivated While You Workout

Haines Corrigan Contributor
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We are officially over halfway through 2019. Hopefully you haven’t let your New Year’s Resolution to workout and get in shape slip yet, but if you have, you still have 5 months to get back on it. Maybe a little motivation is all you need! One of the hardest parts about working out is the boredom that comes with it. Counting reps and looking at the treadmill to see how many more miles you need to run isn’t terribly entertaining and makes working out entirely unenjoyable. Take advantage of Amazon’s early release of Prime Day Deals on Apple AirPods, Apple Watch Series 3, and Amazon Echo Smart Speaker  to make burning calories and working out more enjoyable!


Apple AirPods 

Apple AirPods (Image Via Amazon.com)

Music is one of the best ways to motivate yourself during your workouts. You can customize a playlist of all your favorite songs to keep you going even during the toughest part of your workout. Amazon has released an early Prime Day deal on Apple AirPods, which are cordless, bluetooth headphones. You can eliminate annoying headphone chords that get in the way by pairing these headphones to any bluetooth headphone compatible device including your iPhone and Apple Watch (check out the Apple Watch Series 3 below)! Apple AirPods are usually $199.00, however they are on sale for $179.99 for Prime Day!


Apple Watch Series 3

Apple Watch Series 3 (Image Via Amazon.com)

Amazon is offering an unbeatable deal on the Apple Watch Series 3. Typically priced at $279.00, the watch is currently available with a prime day deal for $199.00! The Series 3 can connect to bluetooth headphones and play all of your favorite music wire free, eliminating the hassle of chords. It is water resistant in water up to 50 meters deep and can help to keep track of all your workouts – including swimming, running, walking, biking, yoga, and HIIT. The watch can monitor your heart rate and give you feedback on your over the course of your workout, so you can see how hard you are working. It also counts how many  calories you burn throughout the day and your workout so that you can stay on top of your fitness and remain  motivated to reach your fitness goal prior 2020!


Amazon Echo Smart Speaker

Amazon Echo Smart Speaker (Image Via Amazon.com)

Sometimes life gets too busy and the gym is not an option. Bringing music to a space in your home can quickly transform your living room or basement into your gym. Amazon’s early Prime Day deal helps to make the Echo Smart Speaker more affordable at $69.99! The smart speaker is equipped with Alexa technology, which allows you to control your music selections verbally, so you don’t have to disrupt your workout! Don’t get distracted by chaos at home, transform your workout space, and stay focused on your workout with Amazon’s Echo Smart Speaker.


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