MSNBC Talks About Benny Johnson’s Plan To Share ‘Dank Memes’ With Trump


Ellie Gardey Contributor
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In anticipation of the social media summit Thursday afternoon at the White House, Hallie Jackson of MSNBC shared Turning Point USA Chief Creative Officer Benny Johnson’s plans to share “dank meme ideas” with President Donald Trump.

“Johnson in an Instagram post promised to use today’s event to give the president dank meme ideas. My dude,” Jackson said on MSNBC.

Jackson was referring to an Instagram post Johnson made July 9 to announce he would be attending the social media summit. Johnson shared in his Instagram post he would be doing two things at the White House.

First, he will be “sharing dank meme ideas with our President.” Second he will be “requesting that President Trump create the Federal Department Of Meme Warfare in order to weaponize memes on behalf of America.”

MSNBC showed video of a meme retweeted by Trump that jokes he will be president forever.

“Total troll,” Jackson said responding to the meme. “Right, like it’s not serious, it’s meant to incite people on the left, to be like ‘What is he doing?”

“Right, and that’s not the insidious stuff,” said NBC reporter Ben Collins, explaining, “It’s the more dangerous stuff that’s being invited into the White House here that’s a lot scarier. It’s people who are you know, like you said, accusing Kamala Harris of not being a ‘black American’ even though she was born in Oakland.”

Jackson also shared with her audience that it will be “conspiracy theorists and right wing Internet personalities” who will be the ones to have an audience with “the Commander in Chief, the leader of the free world, President Trump this afternoon.” (RELATED: ANALYSIS: Media Matters Offers Absurd Justifications For Right-Wing ‘Extremists’ Lists)

Jackson noted no social media executives have been invited to the summit, which will discuss  “the tremendous dishonesty, bias, discrimination and suppression practiced by certain companies,” according to Trump.

“Those platforms, right, have denied any censorship,” Jackson added.

After the show, Jackson tweeted that she was thankful to Johnson “for giving me the opportunity to say ‘dank memes’ on air.”