Josh Norman Caught Jumping Over Bulls In Pamplona, Spain Just Weeks Before Training Camp

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

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A video emerged over social media Thursday showing Washington Redskins cornerback Josh Norman hurdling and running away from bulls inside an arena in Pamplona, Spain, just weeks before training camp begins.

Norman, a 31-year-old veteran cornerback out of Coastal Carolina, was living dangerously in the Spanish city known for “The Running of the Bulls.” (RELATED: Josh Norman Took His Cleats Off, Gave Them To Marine Corps Commandant)

Here is the insane video via ESPN:

There are two immediate takeaways I have from initially seeing this video. Number one, that is incredible athleticism showcased by Norman effortlessly hurdling over an entire bull multiple times. The corner was displaying why he was previously an all-pro.

Secondly, what is he possibly thinking by doing this right before football is about to get into full swing? If you are a part of Redskins ownership you have to be shaking your head as this video emerges.


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Is it that hard to understand that messing with bulls usually ends in a broken bone? I mean seriously, what is he gaining by doing this now?

I have seen my fair share of trending videos where a bull fighter gets absolutely launched across the arena by these animals. I will admit that the reaction after Norman cleared the bull was pretty legendary as several fellow attendees cheered the display of athleticism.

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The good news for Redskins fans is that it looks like Norman was not injured during the stunt, but ownership should keep a close eye on their star secondary asset.

It remains to be seen if this special off-season training that Norman decided to try will carry over on to the football field. We will just have to see when the Redskins hit training camp July 25.