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Nothing is more frustrating than pulling your favorite shirt or dress out of your closet in preparation for a night out and realizing that it is covered in wrinkles. You could go iron it, but that could require a lot of time and is so inconvenient. Instead, if you are like me, you turn to a mediocre second option- a shirt or dress that is only slightly less wrinkled, but not not at all what you had in mind- so frustrating. One of my friends recommended that I try a hand steamer, and it is by far the best $28 I have EVER spent. What is a hand steamer? It is like one of the large professional steamers that you have seen at the dry cleaners, but small, portable, and designed for personal use. Not only can it be used at home, but it can also be easily packed in any travel bag. 

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Hand Steamers are SO simple to use, especially the iSteam Steamer! You simply unscrew the top, fill the water tank with tap water, screw on the top, plug it in the wall, hit the button on the handle to start heating the water, then hang your piece of clothing on a hanger and steam away wrinkles with ease! You don’t have to worry about putting unwanted creases in your clothing or ensuring that your iron is not too hot. Steaming is way easier than ironing! With my hand steamer, I can be sure that my clothing is wrinkle free and looks professionally steamed wherever I go. I highly recommend trying the iSteam Steamer; it will entirely transform your look and making you both wrinkle and worry free! 

Click here to try the iSteam steamer for $27.99!

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