Jeremy Roenick Hits Massive Drive Out Of Caddy’s Mouth

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

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Former NHL all-star and scoring forward Jeremy Roenick showcased his talents with a golf club after delivering a massive drive off a tee inside his caddy’s mouth at the American Century Championship.

Roenick, an avid golfer, showed off his skills in front of a crowd of fans who erupted after the successful attempt left the ball obliterated down the fairway. (RELATED: Lucy Robson Shares New Golf Trick Shot Video On Instagram)

Here is the video via TMZ:

After the ball fell off the tee several times, Roenick stayed calm, cool and collected. He then unleashed his wrath on the small white ball. I have to admit, the reaction was awesome watching the caddy and the former star hug out the successful shot.

The former hockey superstar played for five different organizations before calling it quits in 2009. Roenick racked up 513 goals and 703 assists.

We have seen so many videos on the internet of these types of situations ending in the worst way possible. Why would anybody sign up to risk having a tee jammed through their tongue just to have a cool video end up on social media?


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Awesome day playing in the FBF Invitational at Pittsburgh Field Club! These young guns are good, trying to keep up!

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There is nobody on this Earth I would let hit a tee shot off of my face in any fashion for any amount of money. It is just something I could not be comfortable with.

I mean good for the caddy; he ended up being able to shake hands with a former NHL player, but this could’ve ended up with an ER visit.

i got that going for me Caddy Shack GIF

It seems like Roenick is quite the impressive golf player being able to have the focus to actually hit the ball off of a man’s face. Next time, how about a simple race to the tee box or a putting contest when they reach the green.