‘Sex And The City’ Writer Candace Bushnell Says Instagram Censored Video About Sex

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Writer Candace Bushnell claimed a video she posted to promote her new book “Is There Still Sex In The City?” was censored on Instagram for talking about sex too much.

The writer of “Sex And The City” was given a notice by Instagram after she attempted to promote a video in which she discussed the dating trend of “cubs,” according to a report published Thursday by Page Six.

“Cubs” are younger men in their 20s and early 30s who date middle-aged women. She originally posted the video of herself talking with two younger men without an issue, but when she went to promote the video, Instagram reportedly censored her. (RELATED: Instagram Influencers Continue To Vacation At Potentially Toxic Lake Despite Government Warnings)

“This ad isn’t running because it doesn’t follow our advertising policies,” the notice from Instagram said. “We don’t allow ads that promote adult products or services, such as sex toys, sexual enhancement devices, or sexual videos and publications . . . Ads like these are sensitive in nature and typically evoke a negative reaction from viewers.”

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This is a very very special post for me. I’m thrilled to present to you the gorgeous hardcover of my new and ninth (!) novel Is There Still Sex and the City? In many ways this book is a triumph for me: In the three years it took to write I endured a lot of emotional pain. There was the fallout of my divorce, I moved, my father died and my best friend took her life. There were times when I wondered what I was doing and why, when I questioned what was the point of it all. When I questioned what was the point of me? Sometimes the only way I could continue was by pretending I was an anthropologist from another planet determined to record the goings on of these crazy creatures called humans. And miraculously what I didn’t lose was my greatest blessing: My sense of humor. This ability to laugh in the face of pain and sorrow and uncertainty is what I bring to you in Is There Still Sex in the City. Every novel is a culmination of what one has learned in life, but Is There Still Sex is especially so. I hope you’ll love this book as much as I do! @groveatlantic @amazonbooks #books #summer #writersofinstagram #candacebushnell #istherestillsex #istherestillsexinthecity #sexandthecity preorder link in bio

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Bushnell defended the video and Instagram eventually apologized for the censorship.

“I wrote back and said, ‘This is a book written by a 60-year-old woman who takes a funny and poignant look at her own life — not a sex toy!'” Bushnell told Page Six. “I’ve been censored! Which makes no sense, because think of all the bikini-clad women you see on Instagram every day.”