Short Bagel Guy Claims He Isn’t Racist, Tries To Justify Using The N-Word

(Credit: Youtube Screenshot TMZ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CS7PZODsg5A)

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Angry short bagel guy who went viral after ranting about women in a local Bagel Boss defended his comments.

TMZ caught up with Chris Morgan and asked him if he was actually misogynistic, racist and homophobic like everyone is saying, according to a report published Friday. The video clip shows Morgan ranting about women before getting rocked by another man.

Morgan claimed he does feel negatively towards women based off of experiences he’s had before and that he doesn’t trust all women. He also said he’s not homophobic and has no problem with gays as long as they don’t touch him, “especially in the private parts.”

When asked if he thought of himself as racist, Morgan responded, “No, I have black friends.” (RELATED: Outraged Bagel Guy Claims Women Are Now Blowing Up His Phone After Rant Goes Viral)

“Now if somebody, you know, upsets me and he happens to be black or steals from me then yeah that word comes out of my mouth,” Morgan added.

Despite what people say about the kind of person Morgan is, he feels the strongest about his views on women. He still has hope he can find his perfect woman which he describes as someone who is educated, not looking for money and works hard.

The advice Morgan had for women: “Stop being so stuck up and materialistic.”

This guy. Like I said, he ordered a whole wheat bagel. That honestly says it all.