XFL Will Make An Effort To Feature Female Officials

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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The XFL is apparently going to have several female officials.

The NFL had a female official in a playoff game for the first time ever this past season, but we might see a lot more of them in the XFL. (RELATED: Houston XFL Coach June Jones Believes Johnny Manziel Will Be In The XFL Draft Pool)

“We’re trying to create more opportunities for female officials and minority officials. The XFL is going to be a showcase for officials all over the country to get more looks and potentially have the NFL look at them. So, we’re going to put together an inclusive [officiating] staff,” former NFL officiating senior vice president and XFL consultant Dean Blandino said during an appearance on The Football Girl Podcast, according to FootballZebras.com.


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I don’t really care if there are female officials or not. I really don’t. It couldn’t matter less to me. What I care about is whether or not they can get the job done.

It’s really that simple, and it should be that simple for everybody else.

What I will have a problem with is if under-qualified people are pushed through in the name of diversity. That’s not going to improve the product on the field for the XFL at all.

The XFL should focus on putting the best product on the field as possible. If a female ref can get the job done with the best of them, then she deserves to be there.

If not, then she doesn’t. The exact same goes for men. Either being a great talent at what you do, or get out.

The XFL launches in 2020, and the wheels are clearly already spinning in a great direction. I can’t wait to see what we get once teams actually take the field.

Hopefully, the best players and officials are found, and those with the talent to be there are those who hang around.