U.S. Government Aware Of A$AP Rocky’s Arrest In Sweden, Says Situation Has Raised ‘Concerns’

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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The United States government is aware of A$AP Rocky’s arrest in Sweden and is closely monitoring the situation.

The superstar rapper was taken into custody in early July after he appeared to defend himself from two guys following him around. In a video posted to his Instagram, it looked like Rocky couldn’t have done much more to diffuse the situation before things ultimately turned violent. (RELATED: A$AP Rocky Rep Says ‘Americans Recognize When There’s Injustice,’ Donald Trump’s Strong Leadership Is ‘Needed’)

Now he’s sitting in a Swedish prison cell and the American public is waiting for answers on the situation.


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His rep told The Smoke Room they’re looking to President Donald Trump for strong leadership on the case, and now the government has some concerns.

According to Politico, a source close to the situation said American authorities weren’t immediately notified upon Rocky’s arrest. American help was initially denied, and he couldn’t have a private conversation with an American official. The Swedes have until Friday to make a decision on whether or not Rocky can go free.


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A State Department spokesperson told Politico the following:

There are certainly some facts about the arrest and detention that raise concerns. We expect all governments, including Sweden, to treat American citizens fairly and with respect. … We hope to see ASAP Rocky and his colleagues back on tour and reunited with friends and family soon.

We need to bring A$AP home, and I don’t care what it takes to get the job done. The man and his crew weren’t doing anything more than appearing to defend themselves.

The fact he’s not already on a flight out of Sweden is troubling. As his rep told The Smoke Room, if it can happen to a guy like Rocky, it can happen to anybody.


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Every day he sits in a cell over in Sweden is a day the American government should be outraged. The fact he’s not already home is embarrassing.

Continue to check back as we gather more updates on the situation. As I’ve said before, we’re bringing him home by any means necessary.

I won’t stand for his detention in Sweden, and I know there are plenty of freedom-loving Americans like me out there. It’s time for President Donald Trump to bring our guy home.