Fox News Panel Lays Out Defense Of Trump: ‘When Did Love It Or Leave It Become Racist?’

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Several Fox News hosts defended President Donald Trump against accusations of racism stemming from a series of weekend tweets.

Trump’s Sunday tweets saying that far-left congresswomen should “go back” and fix the countries “they originally came from” were widely condemned as “racist” by Democrats and some Republicans. However, the president did have plenty of defenders, including “The Five” co-hosts Jesse Watters, Dan Bongino, and Greg Gutfeld, who all addressed the controversy during a Monday discussion.


“Did you hear?” Gutfeld asked rhetorically to open the show. “Trump tweeted. Yeah, and the tweets are being called racist because Trump told critics of the U.S. to go back to their country.”

Gutfeld noted that Trump’s tweets sound “bad if you leave out the rest of it. He actually said go back to your countries, fix the problems there, and then come back and show us how you did it. How many racists say please come back and help us? Probably zero.”

While taking issue with the verbiage and “details” of Trump’s tweets, “like only one of ‘The Squad’ is from somewhere else,” Gutfeld accused the media and Democrats of reading the tweets “with ill intent,” leaving his supporters the job of explaining. (RELATED: Former ICE Director Tom Homan Leaves Ocasio-Cortez Speechless On Immigration)

“It’s like doing stand-up while your friends are sitting at the tables explaining your jokes,” he quipped.

“Nobody wants to be called a racist, especially by these lunatics in the media,” said Bongino, who noted that several in “The Squad” have “actually said things that require no interpretation,” referring to Omar’s “all about the Benjamins” comment and others.

Jessee Watters began his commentary by reading a text from his mother calling Trump’s tweets “racist.”

“Mom’s not going to scare me off though,” he said. “These were not racist. It’s about patriotism. When did ‘love it or leave it’ become racist? Not only leave it, but ‘hey, come back and help us fix our problems.’ This country is so sensitive now. We are not talking about death, famine, drought, or anything. We are talking about a word, a tweet. We’re not even talking about an action and people are crying their eyes out over this.”

Watters noted the horrible things said about Trump by his enemies who consider him “a Nazi rapist who deserves to be in prison for the rest of his life.”

“He says go home and they say ‘oh my God, this is the biggest scandal since Watergate,'” said Watters. “These people are so bereft of actual ideas they create this thing because they’ve deceived the rest of the country as to actually what he said. He says this to everybody of all stripes and all genders, all parties. Romney, Rosie, Don Lemon, Maxine, McCabe. Everyone gets it a little bit below the belt and every time he does it everyone acts shocked like we haven’t been watching this for three years, and instead of fighting back on the substance, they cry and they pout and they look soft and they look weak.”