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Learn More About Yourself For Less – Deals On DNA Kits

Haines Corrigan Contributor

If you are like me, you like to know and learn as much as you can – even about the little things in life. Ever been curious about what you are really made of and where you really come from? DNA testing kits have become wildly popular in recent years and have helped so many people learn about their family heritage. DNA testing kits have proven to be a powerful tool and have allowed individuals to gain insights into many different areas of their lives, ranging from where families originated to individual health concerns. We found some of the best deals on DNA testing kits for Amazon Prime Day! Order one today; what will you learn from yours? 


23andMe Health + Ancestry Kit

23andMe Health + Ancestry Kit (Image Via Amazon.com)

Simply send 23andMe a Saliva sample in this kit and receive a detailed report in return. You can learn about not only your family heritage, but where exactly your family originates from, your genetic health risks and carrier status, wellness reports, genetic trait reports, and more.  

List price: $199.99 Amazon Prime Day Price: $99.99! 

Ancestry DNA + Traits Kit

Ancestry DNA + Traits Kit (Image Via Amazon.com)

Ancestry.com’s DNA + Traits kit allows you to learn exactly where your family originated from by analyzing your DNA and connecting it to a specific region in the world- pinpoint where your family is from. This report will also tell you about 26 different hereditary traits so you can learn more about your specific genes. Ancestry DNA + Traits will also give you an ethnicity estimate which will reveal what ethnicities you are made of and what percentage you are of each. 

List Price: $119.00 Amazon Prime Day Price: $69.00!


Genetic Ethnicity Test

Genetic Ethnicity Test (Image Via Amazon.com)

Maybe you want to learn more about where your family is from, but don’t want to spend extra money on the additional reports. Ancestry DNA has a kit available for $49.00 this Prime Day – one of the lowest on the market! This report will give you the exact region your family is from and let you learn more about your family’s past. 

List Price: $99.99 Amazon Prime Day Price: $49.00! 

Learn what makes you, you today with one of these kits!

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