Oaskys Combines Mattress Cover And Topper Into One Fabulous Item – Prime Day Deal: XL Twin Only $29.99

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Have a kid going to college this fall? You will want to take advantage of this deal! College mattresses can be thin and worn from use. I know, I’ve had two kids at different colleges. The best way to compensate for school mattresses is to purchase a mattress topper. You also want something to completely cover the mattress. Amazon’s Choice is on sale the Prime Day for 43% off. Colleges use XL Twin size mattresses. The Oaskys Combination Twin XL Mattress Pad Cover and Topper solves your problem.

Prime Day Only: A Twin XL Mattress Pad Cover for just $29.92

(Photo via Amazon)

(Photo via Amazon)

Oaskys’ product is made from 100% cool, breathable, ultra-soft cotton. It gives users a feel of being on a luxury mattress with upgraded thickness and 49 ounces of snow down alternative fiberfill. My daughter said adding this to her mattress made her mattress at school feel better than the one at home.  It is completely machine washable and you can throw it in the dryer on low. Additionally, it is hypoallergenic. The product measures 39.4 X 78.7 X 47.2 and weighs 3.8 pounds.

The best part is the price. You are already spending a ton of money buying stuff for college, so you don’t want to break the bank on the bedding. This combination topper and mattress cover retails for $52.90. You can get it during Prime Day for only $29.92! My daughter isn’t the only one who loves the Oaskys’ mattress pad. Here are some of the other Amazon reviews: “this thing rocks,” “finally found the one,” “don’t need to purchase a pillow top mattress now,” and “wonderful topper that sleeps cool.” Buy one for your student and be sure to tell your friends.

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