3-Year-Old Girl Shot And Killed In Road Rage Incident

(Credit: Youtube Screenshot FOX6 News Milwaukee

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A Wisconsin family is mourning the death of a three-year-old who was killed during a road rage incident Saturday.

Brooklyn Harris, 3, was in the vehicle with her mother and siblings when the car almost collided with another vehicle, according to a report published by Kron4. After the vehicles almost crashed, the driver of the other car allegedly opened fire on the family. The bullet struck and killed Brooklyn.

The suspect has been taken into custody by Milwaukee police after attempting to flee.

The road rage incident is still under investigation by police. It is unclear what charges the suspect could end up facing. (RELATED: Several Women Get Into Wild Road Rage Incident. The Video Is Incredibly Bizarre)

“She just turned three on the first. She just turned three years old,” the toddler’s grandmother, Lasanga Ferguson, told Kron4.

“These innocent kids should be able to play out here and live their life,” Ferguson continued. “It shouldn’t be all this killing going on. It’s always an innocent bystander.”

The family members are not the only ones rocked by Brooklyn’s death.

“Every one of you should be just as angry and upset about this as I am,” Assistant Chief of the Milwaukee Police Department Ray Banks said. “She had her whole life in front of her.”