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Pictures truly are worth a thousand words and this digital picture frame helps to make them a little more accessible. One of the most thoughtful gifts you can give is a framed photo of you and your friend or loved one doing something together, but now that we take pictures on our phones, going to get them printed out can be a hassle and a half. Digital picture frames are changing the game and Amazon has placed a 30% off deal on this one for Prime Day! 

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The BSIMB digital picture frame allows you to update your picture frame with photos and videos from anywhere in the world. You simply download the BSIMB Photo app from the app store, upload any photo or video you like to the app, then confirm that you want to upload it to your digital frame and BOOM – it’s there! Multiple photos and videos can be uploaded to your frame at once, so that you can have them on rotation and don’t have to look at the same photo every day!


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The owner of the frame can invite their friends and family members to also update their digital frame with photos, so that they are constantly up to date with the latest adventures of friends and family. In my case, I gave my grandmother a digital picture frame for her birthday and she LOVES it! She invited me and my family members to upload photos directly from our phones, so we can simply send pictures of our latest family adventures to keep her in the loop from home! No longer do we have to take pictures, order them in print, and have them mailed to her for her to put in a frame. Now we simply open an app and click – and she has our latest photos right in her living room! The BSIMB digital frame is not only an awesome gift for somebody else, but also is a good gift for yourself so that you can stay updated too – get it today for $104.99 and stay better connected! 

Click here to get your Prime Day deal on the BSIMB digital picture frame!  


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