Zach Mettenberger And Connor Cook Workout For The XFL

(Credit: Todd Warshaw /Allsport/Getty Images)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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The XFL got a little interest from two former NFL quarterbacks over the weekend during a workout showcase.

According to Greg Auman on Saturday, former NFL passers Connor Cook and Zach Mettenberger were both in attendance in St. Louis for the final XFL workout before the draft.

Listen up, and listen good. If the best the XFL can muster at the quarterback position is Mettenberger and Cook, then nobody will care.

I don’t think there is anybody on the face of the planet just begging to see a game featuring football teams with those two as the starting quarterbacks. There just aren’t. (RELATED: Houston XFL Coach June Jones Believes Johnny Manziel Will Be In The XFL Draft Pool)

People want big names, big action and Connor Cook and Mettenberger are pretty much the exact opposite.

I’m sure you all already know where this is going, but I’m going to say it anyways. There’s only one quarterback the XFL needs to be focused on right now, and his name is Johnny Manziel.

The second quarterback they should be focused on is Tim Tebow, but it seems unlikely he’ll leave the Mets organization anytime soon.

Given that, Vince McMahon, Oliver Luck and the rest of the XFL have to be all in on getting Manziel. He provides big name appeal, he draws reactions in people and he’s the perfect fit. If the XFL wants attention to get off the ground, Johnny Football is the best choice.

I’m not trying to be super mean to Mettenberger and Cook, but they’re simply not interesting enough to generate eyeballs. If the XFL is relying on them for success, then fans everywhere shouldn’t be surprised if the league doesn’t do well when it starts in early 2020.