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Hoping to keep your luggage safe on your next trip? Consider packing a Samsonite suitcase! Samsonite is a well known and trusted luggage brand that aims to ensure its customers travel with “confidence,” knowing that their belongings will arrive safely in one piece. My luggage is Samsonite and I can confirm that they are durable and have withstood years of my travel. Samsonite is one of the best brands on the market – Amazon reviewers, 3,853 of them, rate Samsonite luggage an average of 4.2 stars out of 5. They rave about it being “lightweight and tough,” “perfection,” “the best luggage I’ve ever owned,” and looking “sharp” with “plenty of space.” Travelers love the TSA approved zipper lock on the side of Samsonite suitcases that ensures your luggage remains unopened by anybody but you. Make sure your luggage is safe your next trip and get a deal on any single size Samsonite suitcase – cary-on, medium, or large – or a  Samsonite luggage set for Prime Day Prices! 

Samsonite Carry-On

Samsonite Carry-On (Image Via Amazon.com)

Perfect for a quick get away or for any left over luggage that does not fit in your larger checked bag, this Samsonite is designed to fit in the overhead bins of any plane and will ensure that your luggage arrives safely. This suitcase is typically $159.99, however for Prime Day it is on sale for $71.19! Get your steal of a deal here!

Medium Checked Bag

Samsonite- Medium Checked Bag (Image Via Amazon.com)

This mid-size checked bag is 24 X 16.5 X 11 and the perfect size for a few days of vacation. Walk out the door with peace of mind assured that your luggage will arrive undamaged and exactly how it was packed! The list price of this suitcase is $189.99, however you can get it today for $87.20 and know that your belongings on your next trip will be secure. Click here for your deal! 

Large Checked Bag

Samsonite- Large Checked Bag (Image Via Amazon.com)

This large Samsonite bag can accommodate any of your travels and includes 28 X 19.75 X 12.5 inches of packing space! It is perfect for both long voyages or a week at the beach with your family! This suitcase is equipped with packing straps and various compartments to keep all of your luggage nice and organized on your trip and will ensure that when you arrive nothing will have moved or become wrinkled- available for $103.20 for a limited time!


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