LSU AD Scott Woodward Says Alcohol Will Be Sold In The Stadium For The Upcoming Season

(Photo by Marianna Massey/Getty Images)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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LSU will be selling alcohol during football games this upcoming season.

According to athletic director Scott Woodward, alcohol will be available during Tigers games this season. People will be able to purchase beer and wine during games.

I might hate the SEC, but this is another example of the conference actually doing some good. People want beer during football games. They just do.

They want to be able to drink a cold one while watching their team light up the scoreboard. Unfortunately not everybody is onboard with that plan.

Luckily for fans of the Tigers, LSU is doing the right thing and honoring America by selling some beer.

If LSU is willing to sell beer, then everybody should be down with selling some ice cold adult beverages. Is the Big 10 really going to let the SEC beat them in this department?

This is such an easy win for schools. People want beer, schools can give it to them and absolutely everybody wins.

How is anybody against the idea of alcohol sales at college sporting events? It makes no sense.

This doesn’t mean I don’t hate the SEC, but I get paid to be straightforward and honest. The honest truth is that LSU deserves props for making a baller decision for their fans.

Shoutout to Woodward and the Tigers for letting their fans grab a few cold ones on a Saturday. I might hate the SEC, but I can 100% agree with them when it comes to selling beer.