Prime Day Deals For Kids – Save On Tech Gifts And More

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Let’s not forget about the kids in our lives this Prime Day! Technology has become a large part of our lives and a way for us all to access a vast world of information. Kids are curious, and it is only right that we provide them with the resources to further feed this curiosity and learn for themselves. However, the internet is a place with a lot of information, sometimes things we do not want them to have access to. We found some of the best deals on kid friendly tech products, so that you can provide the kids in your life with a fun gift, while knowing what they are using it for is entirely kid friendly. 


Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition

Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition (Image Via Amazon)

Easy to use parental controls allow you to manage what content your children see. The Fire HD 8 Kids Edition gives the kids in your life access to over 20,000 kid friendly programs and apps including books, audio books, educational television programs, videos, and educational apps. You can give your child limited access to the content you want them to see! Prime Day deals knock the price down by 38% – save $50 on the perfect gift and get one for $79.99 today!

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Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition

Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition (Image Via

The Echo Dot Kids Edition is similar to the Amazon Echo Dot, but filters information to make sure it is entirely kid appropriate. Allow your kids to use this echo dot with peace of mind because they have the ability to hear music, bedtime stories, and more- explicit free and filtered for age appropriate content! The Echo Dot Kids Edition is on sale today for $44.99 – save $25!

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