Houston Astros Retaliate By Drilling Jake Marisnick With High Fastball

Victor Decolongon/Getty Images

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Houston Astros pitcher Noe Ramirez drilled Los Angeles Outfielder Jake Marisnick with some high heat Wednesday in retaliation for the outfielder’s collision with catcher Jonathan Lucroy roughly two weeks ago.

With a four run lead in the sixth inning, the Angels opted to respond to a play they found extremely dirty that required Lucroy to go through the concussion protocol as well as surgery for a broken nose. (RELATED: Yadier Molina Calls Out Jake Marisnick After Home Plate Collision)

The benches cleared after first-baseman Albert Pujols argued with the Astros bench, who were extremely upset with the intentional hit-by-pitch.

Here is the video:

This is what baseball has been about for ages. One team gets upset about a certain play and the other team responds by using a 90+ mph weapon to intentionally injure another player.

Obviously, the Astros are right to stand by Marisnick who handled the situation surprisingly well. It seems like the outfielder was expecting a retaliation eventually, as he understood what he did in the first place could easily be viewed as a dirty play.

Here is the original play:

Even though Marisnick probably earned a hit-by-pitch for the collision several days ago, I do have a problem with the location of the fastball. In no circumstances should any pitcher intentionally aim for the head of an opposing batter.

We may be seeing the beginning of a rivalry brewing between these two American League teams. The two teams have two games remaining in the series continuing tonight. Let’s see if there are any more fireworks in tonight’s game.