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CNN Reporter Gets Boatload Of Grief For Dumb Reporting

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Nathaniel Meyersohn deserves to be in the water of a dunk tank right now.

The CNN retail reporter opted to glom on to the wealth of reporting being devoted to President Trump‘s weekend tweets that many deemed racist, or “rrrracista” according to Nicaragua-born CNN Contributor Ana Navarro Cárdenas. In them, Trump told four female freshman Democrats to go back to their countries of origin. He also said they hated America “with a passion.” (RELATED: ‘The Squad’ Takes Turns Hitting Back At Trump)

The president denied writing anything racist. (RELATED: Trump Pushes Back On Racist Charges)

Late Tuesday morning, Meyersohn announced, “Reached out this morning to Amazon, Apple, Walmart, Target, Nike, Under Armour, Patagonia and Levi for thoughts on Trump’s racist comments about four minority congresswomen. Target declined to comment. No response from the others so far.”

The reaction was imminent. The gist? What does any of that have to do with Trump’s tweets? Is Amazon going to ban Trump from Prime Day discounts? Is Under Armour going to stop advertising on the White House lawn? Is Levi going to stop letting Eric Trump wear their jeans?

OK, now for some real reactions to Meyersohn’s dumb reporting. Those came off the top of my head.

Neontaster replied, “I reached out to Mrs. McGillicutty, the kind old lady who bakes cookies for the neighborhood kids. Disappointingly, she also had no comment.”

Lots of people “reached out” to their cats and dogs for comment on the “rrracista’s” tweets.

Stephen Miller, who has written for National Review, Fox News and the New York Post, wrote, “Reached out to my dogs regarding Trump’s racist comments. No response back as of yet.” His cat “dodged the question completely.”

Rita Panahi, a writer for Australia’s Herald Sun, had a pertinent question for the CNN journo. “Did you reach out to my cat, Crayon?”

Jay Caruso, deputy editor of Washington Examiner Magazine, asked simply, “Why?”

Babies are smart — especially if they listen to Mozart while still in the womb. What did they have to say about Trump’s tweets?

Club For Growth Analyst Andrew Follett remarked, “Reached out to my 6 month old daughter regarding Trump’s comments. Quote: ‘Ehhhhmmmmmaaamehh.’ Pooh Bear declined the opportunity to comment.”

Rick Sheridan, a conservative Twitter personality, came out with a nonsensical question that seemed especially fitting here: “Does Apple sell underpants?”