Congressman Hakeem Jeffries Says The Situation With A$AP Rocky’s Arrest In Sweden Is ‘Outrageous’

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Democratic New York Rep. Hakeem Jeffries is not happy with the fact A$AP Rocky was arrested in Sweden and still hasn’t been released.

The star rapper has been in a Swedish jail since early July after he appeared to defend himself during a physical altercation with two guys following him. Despite video evidence clearly showing Rocky to be doing everything possible to defuse the situation before things took an ugly turn, the American music icon was still arrested. He hasn’t been released yet, and that’s not okay with Jeffries. (RELATED: A$AP Rocky Rep Says ‘Americans Recognize When There’s Injustice,’ Donald Trump’s Strong Leadership Is ‘Needed’)


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“The situation with A$AP Rocky is unfortunate, it’s outrageous, it needs to be addressed and you can expect that members of Congress, particularly those of us who are part of the Congressional Black Caucus, are going to continue to weigh in forcefully until A$AP Rocky is free,” the New York Democrat said in a Splash News video shared Tuesday night by TMZ.


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I couldn’t agree more with Jeffries if I tried. You know the Swedes really screwed up when A$AP’s arrest has united people from all over the political spectrum. I doubt Jeffries and I agree on much, but we’re walking step-in-step when it comes to getting the star rapper out of jail. The fact he’s not a free man yet is an embarrassment to Sweden.

They should let him out immediately, and the U.S. government shouldn’t rest until that’s the case.

We know the State Department is looking into it, but he hasn’t been released yet. Why not? That’s the question every single American should be asking.


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If the Swedes aren’t interested in letting him go, then President Donald Trump should order them to have an up close introduction to a little military unit we like to call Delta Force.

We’ll see how tough Sweden thinks it is when we park an aircraft carrier off its coast.

The Swedes need to do the right thing and let Rocky go before different options for his release start getting looked at as serious options.

He was defending himself, the video is all the proof you need and the fact he’s not already a free man is insane. Props to Jeffries for taking a strong stand on the situation.