CBP Agent Says He Is Living ‘American Dream,’ Urges Migrants To Come Legally Like He Did

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A CBS Evening News segment Wednesday featured anchor Norah O’Donnell touring a migrant detention facility with a border patrol agent who insisted that migrants should come to the United States legally, as he did.


“It’s important to remember that every picture has a story, like the border patrol agent born in Mexico – Agent Eduardo Cantu understands the American Dream because he says he is living it. He wants migrants to get that dream, but says they need to come here legally as he did,” said O’Donnell.

Speaking of the detention center’s interior, O’Donnell said: “You couldn’t help but notice the sound of children laughing and playing, moms with children attached to their hips, unsure of their future. It’s hard to look away. There’s no doubt there’s a crisis. Today, we met those at the center of it.”

Agent Cantu is not alone among Hispanics in his opinion that illegal migrants should come to the U.S. legally. Several Hispanics told Univision reporter Luis Megid last October that the oncoming caravan shouldn’t be allowed to circumvent U.S. law.

“How is it possible that a caravan from Central America is on its way to the U.S. and the people are speaking the way they’re speaking, demanding to get in? No sir, this isn’t their country and they need to respect it,” one man told Megid.

As thousands of migrants from Central America and other places continue to flood the border between Mexico and the United States, the Trump administration has come under fire for overcrowded detention facilities, particularly the ones holding adult male migrants.

While Congress recent funded an emergency humanitarian aid package, it did so without the help of its far left members, including Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who nevertheless visited a facility and lambasted the conditions, claiming migrants were forced to drink water out of toilets. (RELATED: Border Official Responds To Ocasio-Cortez’s Detention Facility Twitter Rampage)

While border agents and others strongly deny Ocasio-Cortez’s contention, the media, including CBS News, is finally acknowledging the crisis at the border.