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Just because prime day is over doesn’t mean the deals have to be, at the Daily Dealer we remain on the hunt for the best deals on the internet’s most popular products. 

Now that everyone walks around with smartphones in their pockets, we are able to easily capture pictures of any moment and remember it for a lifetime. Do you remember having to walk around with a large bulky camera, then having the hassle of taking the pictures to be developed at the photo shop down the street? Those were rough times. Everything about taking a photo used to have to be planned ahead of time, however now that we use our phones, our photos are very in the moment and so should the printing process. The Kodak Dock 4X6 Printer is a photo printer you can use right in your home! Print any photo taken on your smart phone in an instant and have it ready to be framed, put in a photo album, or taken home with a friend in seconds. We all love having pictures on our phones, but there is something about a physical photo that makes it seem like a true memory. 

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Printing photos has never been easier and more convenient. Simply download the Kodak Photo Printer app, plug your phone into the printer using a USB cable (your charging cord works perfectly), select the photo you want to print, and hit print – done! The highly recommended Kodak Dock Starter Bundle features the photo printer, a protective case, 40 sheets of photo paper, and a photo album all for $152.99 (on a 15% discount). But if you already have printer paper and a photo album at home, you can purchase the printer alone for $99.99, marked down from its usual $149.99 list price. Amazon reviewers rave about it being a “great product – easy to use,” an “awesome printer”, and a “convenient way to print phone pictures.” Print your favorite photos conveniently at home with the Kodak Dock 4X6 Printer and save your favorite memories for a lifetime! 

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