Tom Herman Says ‘There’s A Strong Case’ For Letting College Football Players Get Paid For Using Their Likeness

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Texas football coach Tom Herman doesn’t sound like he’s against players getting paid for their image and likeness.

Compensating college athletes has been a massive debate for years, and the lack of payment for the use of likeness pretty much killed college sports video games. It doesn’t sound like Herman is against the idea, but recognizes there could be some issues. (RELATED: July Is The Final Month Of 2019 Without College Football)

“There’s a strong case for it. This big-time college football model would be shaken to its core. I’m a bit torn but organizations are making 100s of millions of dollars off them, so there ought to be a way these guys can benefit,” Herman said Tuesday at Big 12 media days when discussing players getting paid for their image and likeness getting used, according to Brett McMurphy.


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If more and more coaches get behind this movement, the NCAA might actually decide to get the wheels moving on this situation.

Once we can start paying athletes, maybe we can get our video games back. That’d be nice. If Herman got “NCAA Football” back, I’d cheer for him nonstop. I’d become his biggest fan.

I’d be out there cheering for him all day. Hell, I might start wearing Texas Longhorns gear if he got our games back.


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The reality of the situation is that players are going to take money no matter what. They’re either going to take it under the table or they’re going to take in an aboveboard way sanctioned by the NCAA.

Those are the only options, but make no mistake about whether or not it’ll happen. It absolutely will.

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Props to Herman for doing his best to have a rational opinion on this situation. I’m right there with him.