Chris Harrison Plans To ‘Push’ Jed Wyatt Over Accusations During ‘Bachelorette’

(Credit: Youtube Screenshot Bachelor Nation on ABC https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mu8UVKrjzZE)

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“Bachelorette” host Chris Harrison revealed his plans to get to the bottom of the accusations behind contestant Jed Wyatt.

Jed’s ex-girlfriend Hayley Stevens has come forward to reveal that Wyatt allegedly had a girlfriend while filming “The Bachelorette,” according to a report published Thursday by Entertainment Tonight.

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Hi y’all. Several of you have reached out with messages and questions. Please know I’m not able to answer right now, but as soon as I’m able to, I will. •Until then, I ask that you please understand how much the actions being taken towards myself, my family, the men on the show, and above all, Hannah, are affecting all of our mental and physical health. •It goes beyond what is said online. Threatening letters and phone calls have been sent to our homes. My parents and sister are being verbally attacked in public. I beg you to remember what seems like a harmless action is damaging to real people. •I want to thank all of you who have reached out or reserved judgement until I am able to speak openly and I can only ask for your patience and kindness until then.

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Jed addressed the accusations on his Instagram in early July saying he planned to answer any questions when he was able to, and Harrison has revealed that he has some questions for the contestant himself. (RELATED: ‘Bachelorette’ Hannah B. Annihilates Luke P. On Twitter Over Sex-Shaming) 

“There’s a lot of questions to be answered with all these guys. And clearly there’s been a lot of accusations, been a lot of things said about Jed,” Harrison told ET. “I wanna hear him talk. I wanna hear him answer some questions and there are a lot of things that need to be said. And I’m gonna push him, but I wanna have that conversation. There are a lot of things that remain to be solved as we head into this two-night finale.”

I’m glad that Harrison is planning to ask the important questions, but it seems like he doesn’t necessarily believe that Stevens is telling the full truth. We won’t know until the “Bachelorette” finale in two weeks.

With all the allegations surrounding two of the remaining contestants regarding previous relationships, the “Men Tell All” episode and the two-night finale are sure to be pretty explosive. Can’t wait to see what Hannah B. has to say about it.