Steph Curry Hits Back At People Criticizing Ayesha’s Goofy Dance Moves In Viral Video

(Photo by Kelly Sullivan/Getty Images for Facebook)

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Basketball player Steph Curry came to the defense of his wife Ayesha after video of her dancing went viral.

The Warriors superstar defended his wife’s moves Wednesday on his Instagram story after people criticized Ayesha, according to a report published by the New York Post.

“Slow news day I see, huh? Just make sure y’all send me the videos of you dancing at your own restaurant opening,” Steph said in a video on Instagram. “We gonna keep Milly Rocking till that happens.”

Critics went after Ayesha earlier this week after video of her doing a dance created by the rapper 2 Milly went viral. (RELATED: Steph Curry’s Wife Admits She’s Sent Him ‘Hundreds’ Of Nude Photos)

“She killed something. Not sure if it was Milly,” one user responded to the video on Twitter.

“She really is a white woman,” another added in the replies.

People were not impressed with Ayesha’s dance moves as she celebrated the opening of her fourth International Smoke restaurant with one writing, “Hell to the no.”

Steph really did have a point with his video. None of these people responding to this video probably own any restaurants. Ayesha looks like she’s being goofy in the video and having fun. Props to her for being successful and happy about it.

The Currys should just keep doing what they’re doing and let the people hate.