P.J. Fleck Says Win Over Wisconsin Set The ‘Tone’ For Minnesota Football For Decades To Come

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Minnesota football coach P.J. Fleck is apparently a very delusional man.

The Gophers pulled off the win of a lifetime this past season when they beat my beloved Wisconsin Badgers, and he apparently thinks that saved their program. (RELATED: July Is The Final Month Of 2019 Without College Football)

Fleck said the following during a May event when discussing beating the Badgers, according to TwinCities.com on Wednesday:

We went for it on fourth down three times because we were going to go win the game! We were going to go win it! We weren’t going to sit there and say, ‘Lets play field position.’ We were going to go win the game because that game, in my opinion, set the entire tone for the next two or three decades of Gopher football.

Delusion, my friends. Pure delusion. Last season, Wisconsin had arguably the worst year of football in my lifetime.

It was atrocious. It was embarrassing on so many different levels. Even thinking about it triggers bad thoughts and memories.

However, I have no idea what the hell Fleck is talking about here. They beat a bad Wisconsin team and now they’re setting the tone for decades to come?


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Give me a break. Minnesota might have won last year, but it won’t mean much. It was a one off event. It’s most certainly not the standard.

Fleck might want to go see a doctor if he actually believes beating a down and out Wisconsin team is going to drastically change the Minnesota program.


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To tell you how little Minnesota matters to us in Wisconsin, I almost forgot they existed until seeing these comments from Fleck.

I’ve been busy focusing on Ohio State, Michigan and Nebraska. Hell, I’m more focused on Northwestern than the Gophers.

They mean nothing to me. They’re an afterthought. They’re nothing to me. That was the biggest win of Minnesota history last year, and it was nothing other than a blip on the radar for us.

See you later, Minnesota. Having fun never being relevant or competing for anything.