Law Student Asks For Advice From Justice Neil Gorsuch — And He Gets It

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A law student wrote Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch several months ago asking for advice, then published his inspirational response on Twitter.

Patrick Sobkowski, a rising 2nd year law student at University of Dayton School of Law according to his Twitter profile, used the social media network to share Gorsuch’s “fantastic advice.”

“A few months ago, I wrote a letter to Justice Gorsuch asking for advice as I make my way through law school,” Sobkowski wrote. “It was an extremely pleasant surprise to come home to a response from him. Fantastic advice; regardless of whether you are a lawyer or not.”

Gorsuch wrote:

Thank you for your letter. I am honored that you requested my autograph and am happy to provide it below.

My advice to law students is very simple: work hard, learn to write and speak effectively, never give up your passions, treasure your family and friendships, find time to do public service, and learn to win – and lose – graciously.

More than all that, know that you will have many regrets in life – things said or done, or left unsaid or undone – but the one thing you will never regret is being kind.

The post drew several positive reactions from the normally partisan Twitterverse. (RELATED: Pleas For Civility Mark Neil Gorsuch’s Early Tenure On Supreme Court)

Sobkowski even waved off someone who criticized Gorsuch for accepting a “stolen” Supreme Court seat.