Scott Frost Responds To Nebraska Being The Favorite To Win The Big 10 West

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Nebraska football coach Scott Frost is doing his best to tamp down expectations after the team was picked to win the Big 10 West.

Despite the fact I think it’s absurd, the Cornhuskers were picked by the media to represent the west in the B1G title game. That obviously has people excited, but the head coach is trying to curb expectations.

“We’re better. We’re better than we were a year ago. The rest of it, we’re going to have to earn,” Frost told the media Thursday about the high expectations, according to HailVarsity.com. (RELATED: July Is The Final Month Of 2019 Without College Football)


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This is really the only thing Scott could say, and it’s smart on his part. Everybody with a functioning brain knows the Cornhuskers likely won’t live up to the hype.

They won four games last year, and now people are pretending they’re the New England Patriots. Give me a break.

Frost probably recognizes they need to “earn” everything, and there’s not much else he could have said. If the Nebraska coach went out there and bragged, he’d just look like a bigger idiot once the losses started piling up.

I honestly can’t wait to shut down this Nebraska hype once and for all. I just can’t wait to do it. Their fans, often referred to as the softest in the sport, have a reckoning on the horizon for them, and I hopefully will have a front row seat for the whole thing.

Those bums have no idea what is going to hit them.

See you soon, Nebraska!