REPORT: Swedish Judge Rules A$AP Rocky Will Be Kept In Jail, Prosecutors Plan To Indict

(Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Diamond Ball)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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A$AP Rocky won’t be getting out of a Swedish jail anytime soon.

According to TMZ early Friday morning, a judge decided not to free the star rapper and stated, “The Court decided that the artist will remain in custody until 25 July, because of the flight risk. This gives us time to complete the investigation.” (RELATED: Swedish Ambassador Says The White House And State Department Are In Contact Over A$AP Rocky’s Arrest)

Prosecutors also said in a press release they plan to indict him and then issued a “revised press release” without the indictment language in it, according to the same TMZ report.

Rocky has been in custody ever since he was unfairly arrested in early July for a street altercation that he tried to stop after two men wouldn’t stop following him around.


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This is absolute garbage. They’re holding him so they can “complete the investigation” that’s been ongoing for weeks?

The whole thing is on video! How is this even an issue? What the hell kind of messed up judicial system do they have over there?

Rocky is literally on video doing everything possible to de-escalate tensions, and they’re treating him like he’s a mass murderer.


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President Donald Trump needs to put the entire weight of the federal government on Sweden until they realize how bad of a decision this is.

In America, you have a right to defend yourself. In Sweden, that’s apparently not a thing. What a load of garbage.

Just absolute hot garbage.


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At this point, this is nothing more than a glorified kidnapping of an American music icon. The Swedes should be embarrassed, and it’s time to seriously start considering military options or sanctions if the Swedes don’t want to play ball.

What a disgraceful situation.