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ThinkProgress Blames Trump For Weekend Heat Wave

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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ThinkProgress, the liberal pub from the Center for American Progress that is on life support, appears to be delusional. Or the heat is frying the editors’ brains, making rational thought difficult to achieve.

As the East Coast and the Midwest bears down for a weekend heat wave, with marathons canceled and horse races put on ice, ThinkProgress is pointing the finger at President Trump.

Temperatures are expected to rise above 100 degrees. Meteorologists are planning for something hellish called a “heat dome,” which, according to the National Ocean Service, is when the atmosphere “traps hot ocean air like a cap.”

Late last month, parts of Europe faced down sweaty travelers in Rome and Madrid, where temps rose as high as 109 degrees. There wasn’t enough gelato in the world to stop it. Was Kellyanne Conway responsible for that one? She says her ancestors are from Italy and Ireland.

Trump isn’t a big believer in climate change. Or maybe he is? At one point, he called it a “hoax” created by China. Earlier this month, he gave a speech on the environment. Some reports say he didn’t even mention it. But that isn’t true. Instead, he boasted that the nation has reduced climate-inducing carbon dioxide emissions. (RELATED: Trump: ‘The People Who Get It Wrong Most Are Weather Forecasters And Political Analysts)

Despite his idiotic waffling, it’s hard to blame one man for this weekend’s scorcher. (RELATED: Meteorologists Claps Back On AOC Charge About A Tornado Warning In D.C.)

As president, he’s powerful. But he’s not that powerful. And no, Aquaman is not real.

In 1936, Washington experienced a summer heat wave that had disastrous consequences for crops. There were reported temps of 108 degrees on Pennsylvania Avenue and 110 degrees at the National Cathedral. AC wasn’t yet the norm in most households. Neither was AOC. And somehow, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt wasn’t blamed for the heat wave that killed 5,000.

In early July, the news popped that the Center for American Progress is putting ThinkProgress on the griddle (up for sale in heat wave language). According to a report in The Daily Beast by Sam Stein, the news site has come under “severe financial strains” in the reign of Trump.

If a new publisher is not found, it is possible that the site will burst into flames (i.e. close).

In the meantime, let’s blame Trump for the heat wave.

Why not Donald Trump Jr. too? And 13-year-old Barron?

Because that makes a lot of sense.