POLL: 25% Of People Support Using Military Force To Free A$AP Rocky

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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A large percentage of people in a recent Twitter poll support using the military to save A$AP Rocky.

In a poll run by the Daily Caller, 25% of the 1,114 voters voted in favor of invading Sweden to free the star rapper. Diplomacy came out on top with 36%, while not doing anything got 32% and tariffs got 7%.

Rocky has been held unfairly for weeks in a Swedish jail. He was taken into custody after trying to defuse a situation that ultimately turned physical. (RELATED: President Trump Has Talked With Swedish Prime Minister, Will ‘Personally ‘Vouch’ For A$AP Rocky)

As I already wrote, a military rescue operation would almost certainly need to be launched from an aircraft carrier in the Baltic Sea. It would likely go down similar to Operation Acid Gambit, and shouldn’t require more than 20 operators being flown in on stealth Black Hawk helicopters.

The whole operation would be over within minutes of our guys showing up. Resistance would be extremely light or completely nonexistent. Swedish guards aren’t going to try to bang it out with our special forces. They’ll immediately back down.


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Luckily, it looks like a military operation ultimately won’t be needed. A week ago, it looked like the Swedes had next to no interest in playing ball and doing the right thing.

Now, President Donald Trump has talks underway and it appears like Rocky will be home sooner than later.

However, Sweden should make no mistake about it. The United States military could and should be ready to execute a military rescue mission if it comes to it.

It clearly has a ton of support. A military rescue mission of A$AP Rocky has higher poll numbers than a first strike on Iran, which only has 12% public support.

Hopefully it doesn’t come to that, but I’m sure our guys in uniform are ready to rock and roll if they’re called upon to save A$AP Rocky.


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We’re bringing Rocky home one way or another. Let’s all pray the Swedes do the right thing and let him walk out of the jail as a free man.

The other option is much less pleasant.