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Morning Mirror: Breitbart Reporter Says Site Isn’t Racist

By The Daily Caller.

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Quote of the Day:

“My son is finally in his momma’s arms, which has helped a lot but he’s still in a lot of pain.
I’ve cried so many tears of horror in the last 14 hours. I haven’t slept. But I’ve also cried so many years of gratitude for everyone who has prayed for my baby boy or reached out.” 

Jason Howerton, TheBlaze, who described the harrowing trauma of seeing his young son through surgery.

Mood: “I’m in an airport. Because my life is super glamorous right now.” — Rick Wilson, GOP strategist, media guy, columnist, Trump hater.

Bernie Sanders’s flack lashes out at Samantha Bee 

“Marianne Williamson s not my candidate, but I can’t help but notice a pattern here: Samantha Bee really doesn’t like progressive female candidates. (Did Williamson say something pro school integration that set her off?)” — Briahna Joy Gray.

Note: Along with Williamson, Samantha Bee also invited Democratic presidential hopeful Seth Moulton on her program to drop out of the race.

Jedediah Bila forgets to put the lid on the mixer

“My poor husband. I’m the clumsiest and most absent-minded pregnant woman ever. He comes out of the shower and I’ve exploded a berry smoothie all over the kitchen. The cabinets, the ceiling, everywhere. As it turns out, you have to blend with the lid ON.” — Jedediah Bila, Fox & Friends. (RELATED: That Time Jedediah Bila Trashed Fox News On ‘The View’)


“I think it’s fair to say our firm came across the weirdest opposition research I’ve ever encountered tonight. The previous record-holder was to do with a candidate who once made a floor statement about the size of his wife’s turds but this is actually weirder.” — Liz Mair, comms strategist.

Confessional II. 

“As a young writer, I’ve written more pieces I no longer stand by than I’d like to admit. But I still feel sick over the ‘Al Franken resign’ piece that I had to crank out a couple hours after that first bit of news came out.” — Eve Peyser, freelance writer, bylines found in New York Mag, VICE, NYT. 

Still Creepy Ex-Porn Lawyer Has A Q 

“Has anyone else noticed that 90 percent of Trump and MAGA supporters think it’s cool to take a ridiculous picture of themself in sunglasses (usually in a car) and use that as their profile pic? Why is that?” — Michael Avenatti. (RELATED: Michael Avenatti Had A Terrible Week)

Breitbart News reporter discusses the site’s racist reputation  

Brandon Darby is the Texas Bureau Chief. 

“Let’s have that discussion. There are definitely a lot of people who would (and do) call Breitbart racist or Nazis. I’ve been here many years (from the start) and I know for a fact that Breitbart is not racist or Nazis.”

“Though the vast majority of the Right are not motivated by racial animus and simply believe in liberty and more free market approaches, there is a small subset who are actually racist. That small subset usually aren’t honest about being racist.”

“The few schocking [sic]  headlines they wrote and the ugly crap they published are now used by some to tarnish all of the rest of us who do great work in trying to make our country (and the world) a better place by bringing voice to people and issues.”

“So no, Breitbart is not racist. We’re a good company full of amazingly talented people that was started by a wonderful man named Andrew.”

Bethany Mandel: “How you know I’m a Jewish girl from Long Island: my Instagram feed is wall-to-wall Dave Matthews band after they played jones beach last night.”

CNNer goes slumming for pizza but finds out it’s delicious 

“I had a Pizza Hut Express pizza yesterday, and it was the best pizza I’ve had in 5 years. You’d think I’m joking. I’m not.” — Harry Enten, senior writer and analyst, CNN.

Gossip Roundup 

Bette Midler has advice for Jack Dorsey: “Dear #JackDorsey, why don’t you help your country & the planet, by kicking #Trump off #Twitter? Or shutting down until the next election? You’ve made more than enough money & Trump is strangling the free world w/his racist bile. Be strong! You can improve the course of history!” (RELATED: Journos Thump Trump For Calling Bette Midler A ‘Psycho’)

The complimenter: “@politico tell @NatashaBertrand I said hi and that she’s always looking good on tv.” — Jason Maples, cousin of Tiffany and Ivanka Trump

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