Dallas Cowboys Named The Most Valuable Sports Franchise On The Planet With $5 Billion Valuation

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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The Dallas Cowboys are king when it comes to valuable sports franchises.

According to Forbes on Monday, the Cowboys were named the most valuable franchise on the planet with a value of $5 billion.

The Yankees were second at $4.6 billion, Real Madrid’s soccer club was third at $4.24 billion, Barcelona’s soccer club was fourth at $4.02 billion and the Knicks rounded out the top five with an estimated value of $4 billion. (RELATED: Ezekiel Elliott Placed In Handcuffs During Music Festival In Las Vegas)

The only two other football teams in the top 10 were the Patriots and Giants at $3.8 billion and $3.3 billion respectively.


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I’m not surprised at all the Cowboys are at the top of the list. They’ve been viewed as the most valuable team in sports for a long time, and Jerry Jones has done an amazing job at expanding the franchise’s brand.

However, what does surprise me is the insane gap between them and the rest of the world. There’s a $400 million gap between them and second place.

There’s a $1.2 billion gap between them and the next closest NFL team! The numbers for the Cowboys are simply mind-boggling.


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The wildest part is they haven’t even really been successful in a very long time. The Patriots have experienced metric tons worth of more success in the past 20 years (six Super Bowls), and they still aren’t really that close.

It goes to show the Cowboys brand can apparently survive not winning or a long time. Again, Jerry Jones has done an insane job at building them up.

Now, imagine how much the team’s value could go up if they actually win a Super Bowl at some point in the near future.

Is going further north even possible? With Jones running the show, I wouldn’t rule out anything.