Logan Paul Talks About YouTube Career In Bizarre Appearance On ‘Fox Business’

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YouTube star Logan Paul made an appearance Monday on “Fox Business,” and it was really weird to say the least.

Paul, 24, was asked various questions regarding his YouTube career and how much money he’s made, according to a report published by “Fox Business.”

Paul was introduced as a “controversial” YouTube star, but he made a show of pointing out that he was actually an “ex-controversial” YouTube star. “Fox Business” host Liz Claman went on to ask him questions regarding the details behind his money and how he’s managed to earn a whopping $14.5 million through his YouTube career, according to Forbes. (RELATED: Logan Paul Causes Yet Another Scene, This Time On American Soil)

Paul was obviously not made for appearances on shows like “Fox Business.” Just watch this compilation of his weirdest moments from the show.

I still can’t figure out why they invited Paul on the show in the first place. I know he has a wildly huge audience considering he has a combined 60 million followers across all social platforms. However, this guy is all over the place during this interview.

I will point out his interview was very on-brand for Paul, as he is known for doing crazy things in his YouTube vlogs. The weirdest part? The fact that he announced on television that he currently has pink eye.