Mike Gundy Says He’d Treat His Son Like Everybody Else ‘Even Though I’m Sleeping With Your Mom’

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Oklahoma State football coach Mike Gundy had an insanely blunt answer when recently asked about his son potentially playing for him.

Gunnar Gundy is getting some serious D1 interest as a 2020 quarterback, but his dad being the coach at OSU won’t do him any favors when it comes to getting on the field. (SLIDESHOW: These Women On Instagram Hate Wearing Clothes)

“I told him, if you come to Oklahoma State, I’ll coach you like I do everybody else … If you’re the best player, you’ll play. If not, you won’t play — even though I’m sleeping with your mom,” Gundy recently said when asked about how he’d play his son Gunnar if he was on the roster for the Cowboys, according to Oklahoman.com.


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My friends, this is why Mike Gundy is so damn cool. Outside of Mike Leach, there’s not a single coach in all of America I could ever see dropping that line. Not a single one.

Yet, I’m not shocked at all Gundy dropped a line about having sex when asked about his son’s potential playing time if he joins the program.

I do imagine his love life might take a bit of a hit if he benched his son. I can’t imagine too many moms would be super eager to sleep with the guy keeping their son on the bench, even if they’re married.

This is football. Sacrifices have to be made to win titles. If Gundy’s love life goes out the window so that he can play a better quarterback to win a title, then that’s what’ll have to happen.

Props to Gundy for being as entertaining as ever. It honestly never gets the least bit old. In fact, he’s only getting better with age.

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