Tigers Outfielder Nick Castellanos Calls Home Park A ‘Joke’ For Hitters

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Detroit Tigers outfielder Nick Castellanos discussed his frustration with the team’s home stadium Comerica Park, calling the park a “joke” for favoring pitchers with fewer home runs.

Castellanos and the Tigers currently only have 30 wins on the season, so there is definitely some bitterness from the recent results out of Detroit. The 27-year-old was so angry with the park he decided to complain about it right after hitting a walk-off homer. (RELATED: Justin Verlander Believes The MLB Is Juicing Baseballs)

The .284 hitter has also been linked to several different teams with the trade deadline approaching quickly. Fans of the team perceived this anger as a player wanting to be shipped out of a lost season, and understandably so.

However, I have no sympathy for Castellanos and his whining. You just hit a walk-off home run and instead of taking the time to talk about the team and your teammates, you opt to trash your team’s park.

In a league where the balls are reportedly juiced, pitchers should be the unhappy ones for rising earned run averages. The numbers simply need to even out. Castellanos should try and hit the ball a little bit harder when playing at home instead of disgracing the Tigers organization and putting them in an awkward spot.


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The Tigers as a team have only hit 34 homers at home this season, last in the majors according to USA Today. It can obviously be frustrating when a long fly ball ends up in the opposing team’s glove, but you cannot call out the park. What is the team going to do?

This is the wrong time to complain about power from a batter’s standpoint. This is especially surprising from a player who has hit at most 26 home runs in a single season. Hit the weight room and work on lifting the ball in your own ballpark.