Mueller Told DOJ He’s Not Charging Trump Because Of A Lack Of Evidence 3 TIMES

REUTERS/Leah Millis

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee questioned former special counsel Robert Mueller multiple times about DOJ guidance that advised against the indictment of a sitting president, arguing that without that guidance, President Donald Trump would have been indicted.

What they did not note was that Mueller had told the DOJ three times that he would not indict President Donald Trump — and that guidance was not cited as his reason for making that decision. (RELATED: No More Indictments Coming From Mueller, Undercutting Trump Critics’ Hopes For Russia Probe)


Fox News personality Katie Pavlich laid out what happened in a March 5 meeting in a series of tweets Wednesday morning.

Based on what was said in that meeting, Mueller’s goal was to ensure that no one believed the OLC guidance — i.e. that it was not proper to indict a sitting preisdent — was the sole reason that no indictment was brought. “Trying to state evidence dispassionately, to not leave the impression we would indict but for the OLC opinion,” Mueller explained at the time.