74% Of ESPN Fans Don’t Want The Network Talking About Politics

(Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images for ESPN)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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The overwhelming majority of ESPN viewers don’t want the network discussing politics.

According to Ben Strauss of the Washington Post, market research shows 74% of viewers don’t want to hear about politics from the sports network. The number shoots up to 84% for Republicans and dips slightly to 69% for Democrats. (RELATED: ESPN President Jimmy Pitaro Says Fans ‘Do Not Want Us To Cover Politics’)

This seems like the most obvious revelation of all time. It comes after Dan Le Batard went on an anti-Donald Trump rant, and a long time after Jemele Hill’s anti-Trump Twitter tirade.

I’ve ripped ESPN more than just about anybody out there, but I’ve also admitted recently the network had been doing much better under Jimmy Pitaro to focus on sports.

Your average sports fan doesn’t tune in for a lecture about how much America sucks or anything like that. They want to see highlights, hear sports debates and that’s about it.

The fact 69% of Democrats don’t want to hear it is proof ESPN would be insanely stupid to ever go down the path of lecturing viewers about politics.

Trust me, the last thing I want to hear when I grab a cold beer to watch some football is some political rambling. I just want to drink a cold one and watch sports. I don’t want to hear anything about politics, whether I agree with it or not.

Again, Pitaro had done a very nice job of cutting that nonsense out until Le Batard jumped down Trump’s throat.

Hopefully, Le Batard’s outburst is just a one off. Pitaro has been doing some great work, and I’d hate to see that all come to an end.

The numbers don’t lie, and they’re crystal clear viewers want nothing to do with politics.