Bullet Points: #Squad Wants Free Abortions For Illegals; Trans Activist Wants Nude Pre-Teen Pool Party

Anders Hagstrom White House Correspondent
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Before Canadian transgender activist Jessica Yaniv started suing bikini waxing companies, she was seeking permits to host topless pool parties with 12-year-old girls.

Today on Bullet Points, Host Anders Hagstrom goes over Yaniv’s “predatory” history and Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s trouble with the police in his hometown. At least 10 officers are reportedly threatening to resign from the South Bend police force over Buttigieg’s handling of a recent police shooting. Several officers said they felt sold out after Buttigieg said on national television that all police work hangs under “the shadow of racism.”

Also this week, Minnesota Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar calls for American taxpayers to pay for abortions for illegal immigrants, combining two of the Democratic Party’s most unpopular policies into one.

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