Are SEC Quarterbacks Soft? Joe Burrow And Jake Bentley Sure Sound That Way

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

SEC quarterbacks have a tough existence if you believe two major starters in the conference.

As a football fan, you probably think being an SEC quarterback is the life. You’re playing in packed stadiums, it’s a nonstop party and you have a shot at NFL. Well, shame on all of you for making assumptions about these modern day victims.

South Carolina passer Jake Bentley said at SEC media days that a big misconception is that quarterbacks are “soft” because they can take some hits and continue to grind. He also said he had to get rid of his Twitter because looking at it following a loss just “pisses you off,” according to AL.com on Wednesday.

If you have to let people know you’re not soft, I have some bad news for your. You’re soft. That’s the reality of that situation. It’s like a guy who always talks about having tons of sex. If you have to talk about it, odds are high it’s not the truth.


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LSU gunslinger Joe Burrow didn’t do the SEC any favors either. He told AL.com about misconceptions, “I would say people just think it’s glamour and glitz. But there’s a lot of down moments like when you throw a Pick 6 at Florida to lose the game, you’re pretty low and everybody is pretty low on you. So, you definitely have to be the kind of person that is mentally tough and willing to take the credit and the blame.”


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Do these two need some tissues for all the tears they need to wipe away from the complaining? They’re SEC quarterbacks. Life is great.

It’s that simple. That’s the reality. If you’re not loving life as a major college quarterback, then you’re a clown.

This isn’t brain surgery, gentlemen. It’s football, and Bentley and Burrow need to stop sounding like weak children who got rejected by their crush at the middle school dance.


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If you’re a starting SEC quarterback and you have complaints, then you’re just not living life the right way. Who gives a damn what the critics and haters say on social media.

They’re on their computers being losers. The quarterbacks are on the field playing. If they can’t block out the noise, then they’re in the wrong line of work.

Call me crazy or tough, but I’m here to breed warriors. I’m not here to listen to complaints.