WNBA Testing Hockey Style Substitutions During All-Star Game

Doug Pensinger /Allsport

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The WNBA is trying to spark up their league by introducing two new rules into the 2019 All-Star game including hockey style substitutions as well as a 20-second shot clock.

The two rules have never been utilized in the WNBA, but they are being tested to see if implementation for the long run is in the cards. The hockey substitution rule includes a check-in spot near midcourt where players have to stand and high-five their teammate before entering into the game. (RELATED: Senators Want To Know Why WNBA Players Make Less Money Than NBA Stars)


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This is one of the weirdest changes the league could possibly try to implement into the game. Imagine players just running off the bench and referees constantly having to stop the game to check and see if the correct number of players are on the floor.

The shot clock change is also puzzling. Basketball is already fast with a 24-second shot clock, there is no reason to shorten this to the point where when once you make it past half court you only have around 13 seconds to shoot.

It seems like the league is simply trying to draw viewers in by making these strange changes to the game to spark viewership. There are so many other changes they could make to try to improve the already lackluster product, but these aren’t it.

If you polled 100 people asking if the WNBA season was underway, I bet less than 20 would answer that it was.

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What they should do is shorten the height of the basket to try and get some entertaining dunks and higher scoring games. The WNBA is not helping their status as one of the biggest jokes in sports. You see starter leagues like the AAF getting tons of viewers immediately and the WNBA is just sitting there with nothing.

To be honest, I was shocked to even find out the league was still even in existence. Welp, good luck with these awful changes.

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