Elijah Cummings Fires Back At Trump Over Tweets Calling His District ‘Rodent Infested’

REUTERS/Yuri Gripas/File Photo

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Democratic Maryland Rep. Elijah Cummings responded early Saturday to President Donald Trump’s tweets calling his district a “disgusting, rat and rodent-infested mess.”

Trump began the morning by criticizing Cummings for attacking the administration’s border policies, suggesting that the congressman should get his own house in order before he started in on the president. (RELATED: Trump Calls Baltimore ‘Disgusting’ And ‘Very Dangerous’)

Cummings responded a short time later, saying that he returns to his district every day. “Each morning, I wake up, and I go and fight for my neighbors,” he tweeted.

Cummings then shifted the conversation, changing the subject to the hearing his committee held on Friday, a move to address “the skyrocketing prices of prescription drugs and the financial hardships that families across the nation, and in Baltimore, are facing.” He called for President Trump to support his efforts to lower drug prices.

Cummings concluded by complaining that the president had promised to support his efforts, but had thus far not followed through on that promise. “I took you at your word,” he chastised.