Tyler Herro Says Going Pro Was A Harder Decision Than De-Committing From Wisconsin

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

Miami Heat rookie Tyler Herro apparently has a little growing up to do still.

Herro infamously de-committed from the Wisconsin Badgers before attending Kentucky. He ultimately became a lottery pick in the 2019 draft by the Heat. (RELATED: New Orleans Pelicans Pick Zion Williamson First Overall In The NBA Draft)

You’d think the Wisconsin native would be focused on playing pro ball and not much else. As a rookie, your job is to keep your mouth shut and get better. Herro apparently missed this memo and is very petty.

He recently told Aaron Torres about his decision to go pro being “definitely harder than de-committing from Wisconsin.”

Look, I’ve got nothing against Herro for de-committing from Wisconsin to play for Kentucky. It obviously worked out for him extremely well, and he’s going to make some nice money over the next couple years as a lottery pick.

People de-commit for different reasons, and I’d never hold that against anybody. It’s just the way sports work at the college level. People who get triggered by that are not people I want associated with my fanbase.


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However, this kid spun a massive sob story to the media about his treatment, and then proceeded to provide no evidence.

Why the hell is he focused on anything other than basketball? He got his NBA deal, he played a great freshman year at Kentucky, but he still seems focused on the past.

I understand he’s a very young man and maturity might not be something he has in spades, but this dude needs to grow up fast if he wants to stick around the league.


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There are countless examples of people getting to the NBA, not being focused on the proper stuff and flaming out fast.

I hope like hell Herro has a long career, makes lots of money and leaves a legacy behind in the NBA. However, this petty nonsense needs to come to an end.

The dude isn’t a victim and he just can’t seem to let go of the whole Wisconsin de-commitment.


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Finally, I can’t ever write about Kentucky without mentioning the greatest moment in Kentucky basketball history. Roll the tape!